Spending & Budgeting iPhone App “Pennies” Updated with New Features

Pennies, the spending and budgeting iPhone app we’ve shared a few times on Money Watch, has launched its latest version (v3), with a list of new features.


Here’s a summary of what’s new in Pennies:

  • iCloud Backup and Sync. Now you can keep all your budgets backed up on iCloud and shared across all your iOS devices.
  • 3D Touch Quick Actions. Add budgets, transfers and expenses straight from your home screen. (Requires iPhone 6s / 6s+)
  • Budget Transfers. Move your money quickly and easily between budgets.
  • Quick Budget Switching. No more swiping to get to a budget. Just tap any budget from your ‘My Budgets’ screen to hop straight to it.
  • Recently Used Notes. You’ll now see your recently used notes when adding a note to an expense, making regular purchases quicker to add.
  • New FAQ Section. All your questions answered in the new FAQ section. Find them by going to Settings and scrolling to the bottom.
  • New Currencies. A bunch of new currencies, spreading Pennies further across the globe.

Pennies can be downloaded now from the App Store, for £3.99. If you’re lucky enough to own an Apple Watch as well, then there’s also a Pennies extension for that device too.

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