Splittable: Split Bills, Track Expenses With Housemates

Splittable is website and iPhone / Android app aimed at housesharers looking to keep track of shared expenses.


Once you’ve registered your account (via either an email sign up, or via a Facebook login), you can then invite your housemates to join too.

Once everyone is registered, Splittable’s “All Squared Meter” on its dashboard will show you how much each housemate owes, with the idea being that the technology will handle the maths, and work out who should pay for future items, rather than focusing on getting payments off each other.

Over time this should mean everyone pays their fair share of expenses.

Whilst the idea of the app isn’t revolutionary, and it’s certainly something that could be done via spreadsheet, the ability for each housemate to keep an eye on things and to communicate expenses paid for via an app makes it potentially very useful, particularly in student houses, where money can be tight.

App Screenshots

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Download Splittable:

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