MoneyExpert: UK Still Failing On Online Security Says Apacs

Many adults in the UK remain unaware of the basic security measures they can adopt to keep their identity and bank details safe from online crooks, says new research.

The findings show that many remain are failing to ensure that they are protected when online, said payments association Apacs.

The research follows up a study conducted in 2004, showing that 61 per cent would reply to an email claiming to be from their bank without checking its validity.

Less than half regularly ensure that their anti-virus software is up to date, two thirds do not have firewalls and only one in ten use anti-spam software.

More than a third record their password somewhere in their computer, two thirds never change their password and a fifth use the same word or phrase across many sites.

“Clearly it’s a concern that so many internet users are still not aware of simple security advice,” said Sandra Quinn of Apacs.

“The internet has totally changed the way we shop and bank, and it’s very safe provided you remember two simple rules: use a secure PC and be wary of unsolicited emails.”

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