MoneyExpert: Government May Force Lenders To Favour Green Homes

Mortgage lenders could be forced to provide more generous deals and financial breaks to those who ensure that their homes are energy efficient, the government has said.

Housing minister Yvette Cooper, speaking at the press launch of Home Information Packs (Hips), said that mortgage providers should offer better deals on green homes.

“From next June every homebuyer will know exactly how energy efficient their homes are and how they can improve this.

“Why shouldn’t this information be used by mortgage lenders or energy companies?” Ms Cooper asked.

“Other countries offer green mortgages which give homebuyers money to meet the costs of making energy saving improvements.

“In England, 16 councils have piloted schemes with energy companies where council tax rebates are offered to people who make energy saving changes to their homes.”

The government will launch energy performance certificates next year, which would provide a perfect starting point for calculating the best rate mortgage deals for green homes, she added.

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