Fidelity Global Property Fund

I mentioned that Fidelity had launched some new funds a few days ago, and there is now a little more information available on their new Global Property Fund.

According to the Fidelity website, the features of this new fund are:

  • Invests across a number of property categories – from offices, factories and hotels to houses and retail outlets for example.
  • Global property shares have delivered annualised returns of more than 18% over the past five years.
  • Offers high levels of liquidity with potential for strong returns.
  • It has higher levels of diversity and liquidity than other directly invested property funds.

…you can take advantage of a huge diversity across properties worldwide. It’s the simple way to invest in property. And because this fund invests predominately in shares of Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) and property companies instead of directly in property, there is also a high level of liquidity.

The fund is available within an ISA, and according to Fidelity, this fund might be appropriate for investors who:

  • are seeking a high income and potential for capital accumulation
  • looking for further diversity of an existing portfolio of equity and bond funds
  • aiming for a further diversification of an existing investment in local property

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