MoneyExpert: Don’t Publicise Your Details, Warns PayPal

Some 8.8 million people have admitted to reading out their confidential debit or credit card details while on the phone at work.

According to research from PayPal, this could put the cardholder at risk from identity theft or other fraudulent practices as the details could be written down by a nearby listener.

And a further 5.7 million consumers said they’d revealed the information in public – such as on a train or in a pub.

Neil Edwards, PayPal UK’s head of financial planning, said that although many people feel safe conducting telephone banking in the workplace, it actually has the second-highest likelihood of exposing consumers to fraud.

“A worrying number of employees disregard the danger,” he said.

“By doing so they are putting themselves at risk.”

PayPal operates as an online payment authority, providing a service for cardholders who wish to shop or conduct various transactions over the internet, such as bidding for items on auction website eBay.

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