Square Hits Another Snag


Mobile credit card reader Square has hit another snag: it has problems with the iPhone 4.

According to the FT, Square’s hardware, a card reader that plugs into the phone’s headphone socket, interferes with the much maligned iPhone 4 antenna, rendering it unusable.

Whilst it appears this isn’t the case with all iPhone 4s, Square have suggested a possible codge to get round the problem, which involves using a small piece of paper. Of course, accepting credit cards on an iPhone might not instil that much confidence in the buyer in the first place (or at least might worry them on the first few occasion), so being reliant on a scrap of paper hanging out of the device is not going increase trust.

UPDATE: Square have started to send out new devices (shown above) to iPhone 4 users, which should solve the problem.

BusinessInsider has a good photo showing the evolution of the Square credit card reader.

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