Protect Your Wireless Network

Linksys WRT54-G

According to recent research, over half of our wireless networks are susceptible to hacking, which could lead to leaking your bank account login details, amongst the many other nasty outcomes. has posted 11 ways to protect your wireless network:

  1. Use encryption on your router
  2. Install a firewall
  3. Be obscure with your wireless router name
  4. Position access points away from your walls to minimise signal leakage
  5. Business owners should monitor employee use of wireless networks
  6. Setup a VPN (Virtual Private Netork) connection to secure your connection between computer and server
  7. Turn off file-sharing
  8. Check the wireless hotspot you’re using is genuine
  9. Be careful what you access on a public hotspot
  10. Check your bank statements regularly to spot any unusual transactions
  11. Turn off your wireless network when not in use

There are also plenty of tips in the comments, including making sure your router doesn’t broadcast  its identity and managing the devices that are allowed to access your network.

Creative Commons License photo credit: webhamster

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