Get Money For Your Old PC Or Laptop From Apple

Apple Reuse & Recycling Programme

We’ve posted before about the large number of companies who will give you money for your old mobile (and how to find the best deal easily through SellMyMobile), but what about those old desktop PCs and laptops that will inevitably begin to build up around your home, what can you do to get cash for these?

Well, you could try the normal routes, such as eBay or second-hand shops, or you could now see if Apple will pay you money for them.

As part of Apple’s Reuse and Recycling programme, they’ll take your PC or laptop (or Mac, iPhone or iPad), will determine if it qualifies for reuse and has a monetary value; if it does, the amount will be credited directly to your bank account. If not, then they can also help you recycle it responsibly.

To get started you need to answer a set of questions about the specification and condition of the equipment you’re looking to cash in. Once these have been answered, you’ll then be given an indication of what it’s worth, if anything.

For example, I entered the details of a 4 year-old Dell laptop, and was given a value of £36:

Cash for your old PC from Apple

This felt on the low side, and although I don’t think you’ll get the very best deal by going down this route, at least it would save the hassle of eBay auctions or hawking it around trying to find the best price for it on the high street, plus you know it will be recycled responsibly if it’s not worth anything.

The programme is run by a German company called Dataserve, rather than Apple themselves.

If you use this service, let us know how you get on in the comments below.


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