Fraud Warning For Bank Customers On Twitter

The Express has a warning for bank customers who use Twitter to vent their frustration at service problems: watch out for scammers trying to get your banking details.

Natwest Bank on Twitter

Following NatWest’s recent online banking problems, users moaning about NatWest on Twitter were targeted by an account “Natwest_Quick”, which pretended to be NatWest’s customer service team and offered to help them. Users were asked for account details, or directed to fake sites so that their login details could be phished. A number of accounts

Thankfully, banks actively look for bogus accounts to report to Twitter, and they will act pretty quickly to shut them down when fake accounts are discovered, but the message to users is that if you’re communicating with your bank on Twitter, make sure you’re talking to a genuine account – look out for the blue “verified” tick next to accounts.

Verified Twitter Bank Accounts

Here’s a list of the verified Twitter accounts for the main UK banks:

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