The Big List of Money Saving Ideas: Hairdressing

This post is part of Money Watch’s Big List of Money Saving Ideas.

Warning – this post include tips for hardcore money savers only!

OK, this one isn’t particularly easy – we tend to be quite protective about our looks, and once we’re happy with a hair style or hairdresser, we tend to stick with them.

But if you’re a serious money saver, there are a couple of ways you could save money on getting your hair cut:

  • Let it grow – less haircuts mean more money in your back pocket.
  • Cut it yourself – generally this is one for men – if you’re happy with a grade 1 or 2 cut, why not invest in your own set of clippers and do the job yourself?
  • Find a hairdressing college – this is a particularly risky one. Most towns or cities will have a hairdressing college for all budding Audrey Roberts’, and you’ll probably be able to get a cut from them at a reduced rate, whilst giving them some experience of cutting real hair and talking about the weather and what you’ve got planned for the weekend. Feel good in the knowledge that you’re helping to train the next generation of coiffeur, but get yourself a big hat just in case something goes drastically wrong.

Know anymore tips for saving money on hairdressing? Let us know in the comments below. The funnier the better!

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