The Big List of Money Saving Ideas: Eyecare

It’s been a while since I added to my Big List of Money Saving Ideas, so we’ll kick things back off with a quick one, which looks at eyecare, and in particular contact lenses.

There are apparently 3 million wearers of contact lenses in the UK, and the vast majority could be paying too much for them by buying through high street retailers. If you’ve got your prescription details, which you should have access to if you’ve had your eyes tested recently, then you could make some good savings by buying your lenses in bulk from online suppliers.

Websites such as Tesco Optitions, Vision Direct, Contact for Lenses, and DaySoft should be able to supply your lenses based on your prescription. The more lenses you’re prepared to buy in advance, the cheaper they should get. One of the suppliers suggests the savings could be as much as 70% on lenses, but as ever, check out the savings yourself before committing.

It’s worth mentioning that you’ll probably not get the aftercare with the online suppliers that you’d get with a high street retailer such as Specsavers and Boots. If you’re just starting out with contact lenses, I’d suggest you go with a more well known name for the first few months until you’re happy with your prescription, at which point it might be worth looking for the savings from the online suppliers.

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