More On Wrapit Going Bust

I mentioned yesterday about wedding list firm Wrapit going bust, and I’ve seen a couple more interesting related links today which show how emotive the subject is for some people.

A demonstration by disgruntled customers was organised for this afternoon outside HSBC’s head office – HSBC had been blamed by Wrapit’s management for exacerbating their problems by withholding debit and credit card income, although as I pointed out yesterday, the firm hadn’t made a profit in the past 6 years of trading.

It also appears that the writing had been on the wall for at least a few months for Wrapit – this Facebook group moaning about their customer service was setup in April, and has managed to gather over 700 members as of writing.

If you are affected, there’s some useful info on the Facebook page, and a site has also been setup specifically to bring affected customers together.

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