How Will You Spend Your £60 Tax Rebate?

Ok, so it’s hardly a massive windfall, but this month millions of us will be getting a £60 tax rebate in our pay packets, thanks to the mess the Government got into earlier in the year.

It certainly won’t break the bank, but it’s always nice to get something back from the taxman.

The question is, what will you be spending you rebate on? Personally, I’ll be using mine to snowball on my credit card debt.

Don’t forget, if you’re lucky enough to get the £60 rebate, you’ll also receive a whopping £10 a month for the next 6 months – thanks Darling!

One thought on “How Will You Spend Your £60 Tax Rebate?

  1. No one is ‘lucky’ if they they get it and it’s not a rebate. It’s simply the government correcting their mistake by adjusting our tax code to what it should be.

    Don’t fall for the spin that Darling is giving us anything, he isn’t, the basic rate tax should never have been messed with in the first place.

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