Cheap Stag Nights

Monarch of the Park

Tomorrow night I’m off to a friend’s stag night, and thankfully he’s decided to do it on the cheap, going to a bunkhouse in the Peak District which costs just £10 per night.

During Saturday, we’ll be doing some walking (and frequenting a few pubs along the way), followed by a night out in Buxton (wild I know). Relatively speaking, it should be a pretty frugal stag night – the beer will no doubt be the most expensive part of the weekend, but at least there’s no expensive hotels or activities to pay for, which is what I need right at the moment.

It’s not that I begrudge paying the money for a friend’s “last night of freedom”, but right at the moment I’ve really been cutting back and could do without  falling off the wagon for the weekend. In any case, the reason this stag do has been planned on the cheap is because the wedding is actually over in Ireland, so everyone will be forking out for flights and accomodation over there.

In a couple of months I’ll be planning my own stag night, and as both bride and groom are on a tight budget, we’ll have to do it pretty cheapily – so I’d like some ideas as to what can we do to have a cheap but memorable last night of freedom (keep it clean please!) – let us know in the comments below.

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  1. The cheap stag do is a great idea. In fact, I was thinking of doing pretty much the same thing. can I ask you where you stayed in the Peak District, and would you recommend it?

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