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Simon Cowell

If you’re a fan of XFactor but baulk at the cost of a phone vote, there’s now a way that you can make your vote for free.

Thanks to phone company, who have tens of thousands of votes available each week, you can now justify picking up the phone to keep John & Edward in the competition (and enjoy the disgust of the other competitors and judges) or you could vote for one of the acts who’ve actually got some talent.

Here’s how to get your free XFactor vote:

  1. Go to the Free2Call website.
  2. Find the act you wish to vote for and call the relevant “03” number – for the call to be truly free, you’ll need to have some inclusive minutes available on your call plan (read more about 03 numbers and their cost).
  3. To pay for the call, Free2call have enlisted an advertiser, so you’ll have to sit through a 15 second advert before the proper XFactor call kicks in, so make sure you listen to the full call to make sure that your vote counts.

So there you have it, a free vote just for listening to a 15 second advert, which let’s face it, isn’t half as bad as sitting through a 3 minute Jedward performance.

You’ll probably have to be quick, as the free votes will quickly get used up. There are likely to be varying amounts of free votes available each week as Free2call signs up various advertisers to pay for the calls.

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