10 Tips For The Recently Redundant

Redundancy is, sadly, something many of us are having to experience at the moment, either directly or through our unlucky colleagues. I’ve seen it start to affect my friends, and I’m sure there’s plenty more pain to come in the coming months.

We’ve talked about tips for coping with redundancy before, but Kyle at Amateur Asset Allocator has posted some useful, some not so useful (but definitely funny) things to do immediately when you get laid off. Here are the most useful tips:

  • Clean up your CV – this should be pretty obvious.
  • Tell everybody you can – networking is essential as you’ll vastly increase your chances of finding a job vacancy.
  • Get up-to-date references – speak to your old bosses and colleagues and get them to agree to be your references if they’re required by recruitment agencies.
  • Stop spending money – start tracking everything you spend to learn where you can cut back – all unnecessary spending will quickly eat into any savings you may have.
  • Freelance – depending what skills you have, you may be able to earn some money by doing some freelance work.
  • Learn new skills – even if you can’t afford to go on proper courses, there’s plenty of other skills that can be learnt for nothing online whilst you also search for jobs.

As I mentioned, it’s quite a funny article, so it’s well worth reading the original.

Creative Commons License photo credit: sunshinecity

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