Tesco Half-Price Sale


Not content with massive sales at Woolworths (R.I.P.), M&S and the rest of the high-street?

Then Tesco’s 50% off sale on around 1,000 Christmas items might make you happy.

From tomorrow (Friday 12th December), Tesco is halving the prices on some of its range of Christmas food and gifts.

Whilst they’re saying this is in response to customers’ wishes to still be able to afford big presents and a big dinner this Christmas, it’s probably more of an exercise in maintaining market share in the face of massive discounts from other retailers (Tesco has recently lost some of its customers to the likes of Morrisons).

Again, it could be seen as a cynical ploy that will prompt people into spending unnecessarily, but if there are items on sale that you’d be buying anyway, then the Tesco sale might be worth a look.

Creative Commons License photo credit: LoopZilla

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