Barclays Planning 2,100 Redundancies

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It looks like Barclays is planning at least 2,100 job cuts worldwide, equating to 7% of its workforce.

The details are a little sketchy at the moment, so it’s unclear how many of these jobs will go from the U.K., but these job losses join the 400 redundancies announced by Barclays a couple of weeks ago.

It is understood that 1,300 jobs will go at investment arm Barclays Capital, while 500 positions will be axed at Barclays Wealth. A further 370 jobs are set to go at Barclays Global Investors.

We’ll post more details when they become available.

Update 14/01/2009: It now appears that 500 of the jobs will be lost in the U.K..

Update 14/01/2009: Barclays has just announced another 2,100 job cuts, all from its U.K. operations, largely branches an Barclaycard, from what I understand.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Kai Hendry

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