Further 2,100 Barclays Jobs To Go

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Following on from yesterday’s announcement of 2,100 job losses worldwide, of which it now appears that 500 will be in the U.K., Barclays has announced another 2,100 job cuts, this time in its retail and commercial banking divisions, all of which will be from the U.K..

The company is hoping to avoid making compulsory redundancies, with many of the jobs being lost from Barclays’ branches and from Barclaycard.

Today’s cuts represent more than 4% of its U.K. workforce of 70,000, and brings Barclays’ total number of redundancies announced in the last few weeks to 3,000.

34,000 financial services jobs are expected to be cut this year, following 28,000 last year.

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2 thoughts on “Further 2,100 Barclays Jobs To Go

  1. They really are worrying times at the moment, no-one is sure who or what will go next, I have a friend who works for Barclays and he just can’t plan for anything at the moment.

  2. family member left previous job of 10yrs standing to work for Barclays now faces redundancy after only 8mths employment so no redundancy pay!!!!!

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