9 Point Debt Danger List

Seeing Red, an IFA / legal team, has drawn up a 9 point watch list for people who are worried that they may be beginning to struggle with their debts:

  1. Do you avoid opening “official” looking letters, or anything which might look like a bill?
  2. Are you losing sleep as a result of mounting debt?
  3. Do you always only repay the minimum amount on your credit card every month?
  4. Have you have missed one or more mortgage, loan, or card repayment?
  5. Is your financial situation adversely affecting your relationship with family and friends?
  6. Do you keep signing up for credit cards at zero per cent interest for six months, just to keep going?
  7. Do you tell yourself lies about how much you owe?
  8. Do you hide bank, loan, or credit card statements, from family members?
  9. Do you avoid totalling up exactly how much you owe?

“We have analysed our case files, and certain types of behaviour stand out as being typical of those people who may be heading for serious money troubles.”

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