Find Out How Much Your MP Claimed On Expenses


If you’ve still not heard enough about “expensegate” (or should that be “MPsonthefiddlegate”?) and you’d like to find out how much your local MPs have claimed for in the past couple of years then take a look at this interactive map from MSN.

The heatmap shows, at a glance, who’s claimed the most in expenses, and you can drill down to find out more about the types of claim your MP made.

This data/map mashup is sourced from the UK Parliament House of Commons, and covers claims from April 2007 and March 2008, back in the glory days when MPs could get away with anything, and it gives quite a stark visualisation of this nationwide problem.

Via Bitterwallet.

2 thoughts on “Find Out How Much Your MP Claimed On Expenses

  1. Its outrageous the amount MP’s have been claiming. But what about MP’s that are now Cabinet Minister. Like the recent travel expenses of David Miliband, Foreign Secretary for his private luxury jets to whiz him to meeting around the world. It’s sinful, ridiculous, extravagant and wasteful.

    He could have taken a scheduled flight instead which would have saved hundreds of thousands of pounds of taxpayers’ money.

    The Foreign Secretary should remember he is public servant serving in the cabinet and not Miliband the celebrity politician

  2. This whole fiasco makes me feel sick. I can’t believe that MPs the people who are supposed to be running the country and setting an example are taking advantage of hard working tax payers like this!

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