Claim Your Own Expenses!

Want to live like an MP and get your own expenses paid for? Then submit your claim to the new Department of Home Expenses.

You can get your own adult movies paid for, or claim to have the moles removed from your garden or your moat cleaned, amongst other essential items.

If you are a citizen of the United Kingdom then the Department of Home Expenses is here for you. In response to the recent hullaballoo over MP’s expenses it has been decided that every citizen should have the right to claim their own expenses. So please fill in the form and your claim will be sent to the Prime Minister, Gordon ‘I’m Sorry’ Brown, the Leader of the Opposition David ‘We’re not to Blame’ Cameron, and the leader of the Liberal Democrats Nick ‘Don’t Ask Us’ Clegg.

Of course, it’s just a bit of fun, you won’t really get any money back, and you can’t really expect to live like an MP.

Via BitterWallet.

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