The Key To A Cheap Holiday or City Break

guinness stout

Sadly it was a little too late for my recent trip to Dublin, but I’ve stumbled across a site which I think could be the secret to having a cheap holiday or city break.

Pintprice tells you the price of beer in your chosen destination.

Beer prices from 206 countries with the help of thousands of beer drinkers. The only price comparison website worth drinking to as well as the only travel and short-break holiday guide you really need. Pint Price is a database of World Beer Prices. Use this site to find the best watering nation. Pint Price has also been described as an important economic indicator.

OK, so the price of beer in your holiday destination might not be your number 1 priority (maybe as far down as 2 or 3?), but it could be a useful tool if you’re planning a weekend away or stag/hen do to indicate how much spending money you’ll need.

It certainly would have helped me to prepare myself for the high price of beer in Dublin’s Temple Bar.

Creative Commons License photo credit: MattHurst

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