How To Safely Destroy A Credit Card


So you’ve decided to do away with the dreaded “sod-it” card, or your card has expired, and you need to throw it out without letting anyone get their hands on your data, how should you destroy your card?

We’ve probably all tried bending them to bits, or even stamped on them and got the scissors to them, but this Youtube video explains how to destroy your credit card safely:

Some paper shredders can also handle credit cards, although check the manual before trying to force your plastic through your shredder. It’s probably best not to put it through your blender though.

Makes you wonder why the banks don’t have some sort of secure credit card recycling facility that you just drop old cards into?

Via Lifehacker

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5 thoughts on “How To Safely Destroy A Credit Card

  1. If you aren’t going to burn it, the next best solution is to disable the magnetic strip and cut it up. I think this is good idea for safe way to destroy a Cared Card.

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