Get 1% Cashback on ASDA Shopping With Quidco

Asda Van

Quidco have just announced a good-looking new deal with ASDA which allows you to get 1% cashback when you shop online with them.

This is advertised as being a “UK first” deal, and certainly could be worth a few quid to regular ASDA online shoppers:

ASDA and Quidco have teamed up to bring you a UK cashback exclusive across groceries. You can now get 1% cashback every time you do your grocery shop with ASDA and Quidco; cashback even covers delivery charges!

If you’re a brand new shopper to ASDA you’ll also get £5 cashback credited to your account when you make your first purchase (although remember, Quidco charge their “membership” fee of £5 per year).

More details about the Quidco / ASDA tie-up are here.

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