Help Bitterwallet Track Sneaky VAT Price Rises

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The Government’s VAT discount is due to end on 1st January, when it returns to 17.5% from 15%. Many retailers are using this as an added incentive to get you in their shops over the next few days with the promise of bigger-than-normal savings seeing as the prices will be rising on Friday.

Consumer blog Bitterwallet reckon retailers could use the VAT increase as an excuse to add another few quid onto the price of their goods, and want us to be on the lookout for the sneaky so-and-sos.

We’re curious to see what stores do, because sticking the additional VAT on prices will cause all manner of ugly numbers – an iPod Touch at Currys costing £149 will become£152.73 £152.25, and so on.

To work out whether they have added a bit extra, check the price of an item before 1st January and then after. Multiply the pre-change price by 1.022 to see what the (approx) price afterwards should be, and let us or Bitterwallet know if you catch any retailers up to no good.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Ben Sutherland

3 thoughts on “Help Bitterwallet Track Sneaky VAT Price Rises

  1. This seems a rogue website, most of the Comments are abusive, come from what appears worrying individuals, the guy who posts the most and who blogs the site is called Paul smith, runs another company never odd or even LLP with no filed accounts, seems his company has had quite a few credit checks this month, he trades from a very small terrace home, in Newcastle area, after reading some of the reviews and blogs he appears self obsessed, Avoid this site at all costs

  2. Had a look at this site, seems most of the stories come from sky news, and most of the comments seem to come from angry 12 year olds, what a horrid little website, if you want proper advice without the abuse, stick to family safe websites.

  3. So basically this guy is saying bitterwallet is your friend? Reading some of the posts I vote to have it closed down, consumer friendly? I think not, you cannot just assume members of the public are being ripped off, for vat registered companies would be very little point, just another worthless posting from a bitterwallet member

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