Google Wallet Launches

Google Wallet

Google Wallet, which we first talked about at the end of May, has finally been launched.

As we said at the time, it’s a pretty limited launch, only currently available to owners of the Nexus S phone on the Sprint network, with Mastercard as its first payment partner, although more partners, such as Visa, are beginning to come on board. Currently users can pay with a Citi Mastercard or with a Google Prepaid Card, funded from any other credit card.

Whilst the Citi Mastercard is likely to only be available in the US at the moment, interestingly, the Guardian are suggesting that Google Wallet could already be used internationally, including in Tesco, Boots and Burger King stores here in the UK, thanks to the prepaid card.

Naturally, as this is a new product from Google, there has been plenty written elsewhere, here’s some of the best posts:

Here’s a video of it in action:

And if you’re yet to see it, here’s a Seinfeld-inspired advert for Google Wallet. It’ll probably only make sense if you’re a fan of the show.

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