Have You Started Christmas Shopping For Next Year Yet?

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You’re probably sick to death of Christmas shopping by now and are glad to see the back of the festivities for another year, but these days between Christmas and New Year can actually be a great time for getting your Christmas shopping for next year started.

Why? Well, obviously, there’s a load of stuff on sale as high-street retailers are gagging to get you spending your money, so you could if you’re really brave and also slightly psychic, get a few gifts in preparation for birthdays throughout the year and Christmas next year (and don’t forget, from 1st January VAT will be going back to 17.5%, so there’s an added incentive to do your shopping before then).

However, it’s more practical to stock up on things you’ll definitely need for Christmas next year, such as wrapping paper; we didn’t need to buy any Christmas wrapping paper this year as we’d purchased something like 6 rolls for a pound last Christmas (I remember at the time thinking that this will go in the wardrobe and either get destroyed in the cram or forgotten about, but thankfully we kept it in good condition and did remember to use it).

Boxes of cards won’t go out of fashion before next year, and you can also get cheap decorations and replacement lights.

Of course, you’ll need space to store the stuff, and you’ll have to remember them instead of getting more next year, but with a little organisation you can save yourself a few quid and a little effort come next Christmas.

The Simple Dollar has a list of other items it might be worth buying post-Christmas, with some more useful tips and cheap items to look out for in the comments.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Patrick Hoesly

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