6.4 Million Do Tax Returns Online


This year a record 6.4 million people filed their tax returns online, according to HMRC.

This was an increase of 12% on last year, and this accounts for around 75% of all of the self-assessment tax returns filed.

An astonishing 384,000 tas returns were filed on Friday 29th January alone, 2 days before the final deadline for returns, which was midnight on 31st January. The HMRC servers must be pretty robust (as you’d expect) to withstand that sort of traffic.

One of the benefits of filing your tax online is that the HMRC can process the returns faster, which should mean that any money owed to you is received quicker.

If you’ve failed to submit your tax return by Sunday, then you’ve just cost yourself a £100 fine – fail to submit it by 31st July, and there’s another £100 fine on its way to you, that’s if you owe tax. If not, then you should miss out on the fines.

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