Beware Of This Mobile Phone Insurance Scam

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Walletpop has a warning about a new mobile phone insurance scam that is catching out some people who have just purchased new phones.

The scam, which is currently being investigated by Trading Standards, works like this:

The scam works by the caller buying a new phone, and then trying lots of numbers similar to his own. When he comes across someone else who has just bought one, he pretends to be from the shop where it was bought.

They’ll then try to get you to take out an insurance policy, and if you hand over your credit card details, you’ll either end up with a rubbish mobile phone insurance policy, or more than likely, no insurance at all.

Swansea is currently at the epicentre of this scam, with Trading Standards investigating 10 cases of the fraud in the city. It has apparently been going on for 18 months.

As ever, the moral to this story is to never give out your credit or debit card details to cold-callers.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Johan Larsson

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