Mint Adds Cash Spend Tracking, Still No UK Version

Mint has announced that users can now easily add cash or cheque (check in the US) spending details, so that you can (manually) get a better idea of where all your money is going to.

…with the addition of the new feature that allows you track cash or pending transactions (available in the Transactions tab). Using an intuitive entry-form, you can now record cash you’ve spent or received, checks you’ve written, and other transactions that haven’t cleared your bank yet. has always been good at giving you a picture of your saving and spending activity. With the addition of cash and checks, that picture is now more complete. Entries in the Cash Only section of Transactions flow through to both budgets and trends, so using this tool regularly can help you narrow down your spending habits.

The functionality isn’t yet available in the Mint iPhone app (which is possibly where it would be at its most useful), but is to be introduced in a future version.

Sadly, there’s still no word on when UK (or other international) users will be able to start using Mint. As has been the case for some time, you need a US Zip code to sign up, and despite indications they were ready to attack the international markets in the middle of last year, nothing has been forthcoming since.

Whilst monitisation of the service might pose some “local” challenges to Mint to begin with, as they are powered by Yodlee, which does integrate with a range of UK banks, then building a customer base monitoring their accounts with their features, such slick graphing and iPhone integration, given Mint’s growth in the US, shouldn’t be too difficult.

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