20 Money-Saving Apps For Your Smartphone

IPhone versus Nexus One

The Telegraph has posted some of their favourite money saving apps for smartphones (iPhone, Android phone or Blackberry).

As ever, the Apple iPhone dominates the list, and sadly, they’ve failed to give any links to the apps to make it easy to find out more and download them (not even their own app!), so here are some useful links for you:

  1. Vouchercloud – iPhone [official site] [iTunes]
  2. iXpensIt – iPhone [official site] [iTunes]
  3. Find Free Parking – iPhone [official site] [iTunes]
  4. Sccope2Save – iPhone [official site] [iTunes]
  5. Tip and Split – iPhone [official site] [iTunes]
  6. Homebudget with Sync – iPhone [official site] [iTunes]
  7. ATM Hunter – iPhone [official site] [iTunes]
  8. British Gas Meter Reading – iPhone [official site] [iTunes]
  9. 0870 – iPhone [official site] [iTunes]
  10. Cookit – Android (no links found)
  11. Morethan Car Claim – iPhone [official site] [iTunes]
  12. Petrol Prices Pro – iPhone [official site] [iTunes]
  13. The Telegraph – iPhone [official site] [iTunes]
  14. Shareprice (Live) – iPhone [official site] [iTunes]
  15. Tesco Clubcard – iPhone [official site] [iTunes]
  16. MobileAllowance – iPhone [official site] [iTunes]
  17. Paypal – iPhone [official site] [iTunes]
  18. Parker’s Price Checker – iPhone [official site] [iTunes]
  19. Toptable Restaurant Finder – iPhone [official site] [iTunes]
  20. Ocado – iPhone [official site] [iTunes]

Don’t forget, you can keep up-to-date with the most popular personal finance apps for the iPhone on Money Watch.

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