Oops! Blippy Shares Credit Card Data


When you’re a small, young startup website with a service that exposes a certain amount of sensitive data, then the last thing you need is a security breach, destroying users’ confidence in your service.

Well that’s just what’s happened to Blippy, a service which publishes details of your recent purchases. But because of some bad coding, they’ve published more than just purchase data.

According to reports, some of Blippy’s beta testers had their credit card data exposed and this data was available for all to see in Google, for several months.

The actual numbers of users affected, 4, is pretty low, but the worrying thing is that this service, which has recently received nearly $12million in funding, was developed and coded in such a way that this information was available to publish on the site.

Whilst the effects of this are not likely to be life-threatening to Blippy, it will certainly knock user confidence and takeup in the site – they should probably be talking to the makers of Rudder to see how they were affected by their own security breach.

Read more at GigaOm and eConsultancy.

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