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Online video viewing in the UK has risen by 37% over the last year, with a staggering 5.5 billion videos viewed online in the UK in February 2010 alone!

Online video and TV viewing is here to stay and will continue to grow as the content and range of video improves.

There are also a growing number of websites featuring TV shows and video, covering a wide range of subjects (all done with with varying degrees of professionalism!) so Bitterwallet has posted a funny but useful A-to-Z of free (and paid) online TV and video services.

The list includes all of the major TV station offerings, such as BBC’s iPlayer, 4OD and 5 On Demand, as well as some more obscure sites. They are also missing a few letters of the alphabet, so if you can help them out I’m sure they’d be grateful!

Creative Commons License photo credit: Rego – twitter.com/w3bdesign

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