MBNA Launches Text Service

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Credit card provider MBNA have launched a new service which allows you to get updates on your credit card texted to your mobile phone.

To use MBNA’s text service, customers with their mobile numbers registered to their accounts can simply send one of the following codes to 83838 for the latest information on their accounts.

  • Text Bal for your balance
  • Text Trans for your recent transactions
  • Text Bill for your payment information

The only charge for the service is the cost of the text message requesting the information. The service is apparently available to all UK MBNA credit card holders, which is as many as 5 million. Sadly there’s no obvious way of setting this up on the MBNA website.

As well as this new text service, MBNA also offer an iPhone and Blackberry-optimised version of their website to make it easier to check out your credit card details on your smartphone – just visit www.mbna.co.uk and it will detect the phone your using and display the mobile version where appropriate.

Here’s how it looks on the iPhone:

Both of these services will be useful for MBNA card-holders who may wish to check their balances and keep an eye on their transactions, let’s hope they continue this mobile innovation.

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