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Personal Financial Management (or PFM) tools are still in their infancy in the UK, largely overshadowed by their American counterparts.

Just take a look at Wikipedia’s comparison of personal financial management software, which shows just how many of these tools are available, yet most are aimed at US users.

Over the next few weeks we’re going to be looking at a few of these tools, with an emphasis on the following web-based tools that are accessible to the UK market:

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4 thoughts on “UK Personal Finance Management (PFM) Tools

  1. Interesting article Rob and a good link to Wikipedia there. It’s a natural progression to take our personal financial planning online – all other aspects of our personal finances are online – banking, investment management etc.

    Look forward to reading subsequent articles.

  2. Very needed – Mint has done a grand total of…….. 2 countries! Adding Canada. If you go to their sign up page the list of countries not supported is huge.

    I guess being optimistic about Intuit getting a move on with Mint and sorting out UK coverage was overly optimistic. Aaron seemed to e awnting to push Mint, and QEM, but we haven’t really seen any mainstream PFM for the UK – with one or two going to the deadpool this year too of the ones i’ve seen mentioned on Techcrunch etc.

    Will be definitely having a look at these- there is a latent need for such tools, but the UK banks/ software & website providers just don’t seem to have much to offer. Annoying fragmentation for now…

  3. Hi

    I am studying personal finance money management websites for a module at university and i just need some feedback from anyone that has used any money management websites or are thinking of using one, and which ones you think are the best and why?

    Do you think that some of the money mangement websites are more appealing to customers?

    Do some of them offer benefits that othere dont?

    Do you consider some of them targettting different demographics?

    What are your overall sttitude towards money management websites?

    I would really appreciate any feedback.


  4. I’ve settled for this simple personal finance management software because it supports most popular world currencies and allows to track cash transactions. I really don’t mind their lack of synchronization with bank accounts, since the site offers various import options to upload bulk transactions. It’s very easy-to-use and free.

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