Bizarre iPhone Insurance Claims

There’s nothing like a good insurance claim story (you know the sort, usually involving silly car accidents), and add an iPhone to the mix and you’ve got the makings of an explosive insurance PR story.

That’s exactly what online insurance provider Protect Your Bubble have done with their latest press release, lifting the lid on some of the bizarre claims they’ve had from iPhone owners. We’ve fallen hook line and sinker for it to bring you the top ten bizarre iPhone insurance claims:

  1. I dropped it from a hot air balloon
  2. I lost it while sky diving
  3. It broke when my son used it as a table tennis racket
  4. I lost it while building a sand castle for the kids
  5. I accidentally buried it in the garden
  6. It fell into the kettle
  7. I dropped it in a food blender
  8. My dog chewed it to pieces
  9. Juice from a defrosting piece of meat leaked into it
  10. It flew out of the car window

Their study also revealed that one in five iPhone users have made an insurance claim during the past 12 months. Most common claims include cracked screens, lost or stolen iPhones and iPhones dropped in the toilet or bath.

Here are the more realistic reasons that people have been claiming on their iPhone insurance, and probably the kind of problems you should try to avoid:

  1. Cracked screen
  2. Stolen while texting
  3. Couldn’t hear the other person when making a call
  4. Leaving phone on the car roof so it falls off when driving
  5. Pet knocked the phone off the surface
  6. Stolen from handbag
  7. Internet connection completely broken
  8. iPhone doesn’t charge
  9. Dropped in the bath / toilet
  10. Screen freezes

Because the iPhone can do so much more than just make calls, they will naturally accompany their owners pretty much anywhere, so there’s likely to be more and more of the bizarre claims.

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