First Sneak Peek At BankSimple


BankSimple have recently updated their website, with the homepage now showing a few sneak peeks at how their service is going to look.

In the first screenshot (which is clearly of an iPad app), Banksimple display a “safe to spend balance” -suggesting that future transactions are taken into account in your balance. There are also goals – are these seperate pots of money that you can attribute a goal to?

Banksimple iPad app

In the second screenshot, you get a flavour of how BankSimple propose to achieve a high level of customer service , with a real-time typed chat with one of their customer service advisers. How many current banks offer this sort of service? You can also see a list of recurring bills, with the time until it next gets paid shown.

Banksimple customer service

In the final screenshot, we go back to BankSimple’s login process, where customers will have to enter a randomly generated code shown on their iPhone (or Android phone, we presume). Although some banks already send out random number generators to their clients, it seems more sensible to build this part of the process into an existing item of technology- one that’s less likely to be lost and is more cost-effective for the bank.

Banksimple authentication

You can see that the design style BankSimple use is very different to current banks, with a far more modern and functional feel.

As well as posting these teaser screenshots, BankSimple have also slightly changed their logo, moving from red and grey to blue and grey. Red can be sometimes signify danger, which might be a reason to change to a more corporate blue. Remember, with a new bank, trust is a very important feature – if something as small as a logo can help instil more trust, then why not change now, whilst the company is still very much in development.

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