BBC Big Money Test

BBC Big Money Test

The BBC has launched its Big Money Test as part of Lab UK, to guage our attitudes to and relationships with money.

How good are you with your dosh? Are you penny-wise or pound-foolish? Take part in The Big Money Test now to find out. Are we a nation of savers or spenders? With your help, Watchdog’s Lab UK experiment will be bang on the money. Plus: You’ll receive personalised results from our man in the know… Martin Lewis!

If you fancy taking part you can join in here – be warned though, this isn’t a quick test, it could take you as long as 20 minutes. It has been developed by 2 professors looking to get data on a large scale, and aims to find out about our relationship with money and our emotions, whether there are differences between the sexes and ages.

But you do have the promise of a “personalised” message from his royal money savingness Martin Lewis at the end. All answers are anonymous, by the way, although you do have to register on the BBC site to start answering the questions.

2 thoughts on “BBC Big Money Test

  1. I have just worked through the questionnaire, and have a few comments relevant to validity. I have been self-employed for 20 years and found some of the sections that assumed an employed context (e.g. job interviews and run-ins with the boss) difficult to provide answers to. Likewise the section on budgeting over a two-month period: I may have no income in any given two months, and I run a projected personal and business cashflow for two to three years ahead (or for some things, up to retirement). The social class question simply made me laugh; where’s the button for ‘don’t relate to any of these’?

    Otherwise an interesting exercise with useful feedback.

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