Google Finance Adds Realtime Share Prices

Google has upgraded its Finance website to include realtime share prices, removing the previous 15 minute delay on updates.

Google Finance

The Google Finance blog introduced the change:

Since we launched Google Finance in 2006, we’ve been excited about providing our users with the tools to monitor market changes, manage their portfolios, and make better investment decisions. And today, we’re excited to bring you real time quotes from the London Stock Exchange (LON), Deutsche Börse (FRA), and Borsa Italiana (BIT) to better track economic and financial developments in Europe.

We first introduced real time quotes to our site with the launch of free real time NYSE and NASDAQ quotes in 2008. Since then, we’ve bolstered our last sale coverage with real time data from stock exchanges in China, India, and now, UK, Germany, and Italy. These partnerships mark a big step forward in our mission to provide our users with the best information we can find.

Google Finance provides a whole host of information and charting for UK share prices, Indexes and funds, and this latest improvement will help investors monitor prices up to the minute, for free.

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