Snippa: Another New Group Buying Site


Snippa is another new group buying website along the lines of the US giant Groupon and the recently launched Groupola.

What’s group buying? These sites all tend to offer things to do in your city ( in most cases they tend to be either London or just the main UK cities), and offers heavily discounted deals providing enough people agree to take up the offer. For the merchant, the hope is that visitors to the group buying sites spread the deal virally, through Facebook and Twitter etc., to ensure a large take-up of the offer.

Where Snippa differs from the other entrants into this quickly saturated market is that it offers deals that last for longer than a day, and will have several offers running at one time.

Here’s how it works, in their words:

  1. We put a great deal onto Snippa every day.
  2. You see a deal you love, you buy it
  3. To make the deal happen a minimum number have to buy the deal
  4. Spread the word to your friends via social media
  5. Only if the deal goes live do we charge your credit card
  6. You have your Snippa delivered to your inbox ready to claim your deal
  7. Call the merchant book yourself in and have a great time!

In short, it’s largely the same as the other sites. It’s also London-only at the moment.

The key differentiator for all of these group buying site will become the range of deals they can offer, and of course the discount. And much of this will be based on the amount of traction each site can get in each city – the more visitors, the more negotiation power the sites will have with merchants.

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3 thoughts on “Snippa: Another New Group Buying Site

  1. Hi, I own a norwich based company. Can you let me know when Snippa is able to offer deals in this area?

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  3. Theres a new daily deals website that has launched in Glasgow called which is really good.

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