HMV Re/Play App

HMV Re/Play App

Struggling retailer HMV has launched what it claims to be the first UK iPhone and Android apps that allow users to find out the value of their second-hand games.

By entering the title or, more handily, scanning its barcode, the free app will let you know how much HMV will give you, either in cash or credit, for your old games. The answer is probably not very much. Admittedly, I tested it with some quite out of date games, such as this example of golfing simulation featuring a pre-lothario Tiger Woods:

HMV Re/Play App

Unsurprisingly, they seem to prefer giving credit over cash, although given their current predicament, you’re probably safer to take the smaller amount of cash now rather than banking a higher amount of credit when they may no longer be around.

The app also helps you find your local HMV shop, so you can toddle off with a bag full of games to generate a couple of quid.

HMV Replay App Store Finder

It’s a nice idea for an app, but the poor amounts on offer mean that it’s unlikely to get massive amounts of use. Although it’s probably more hassle, you’re likely to get more for your old games on eBay, or you could try other shops such as GAME.

The app can be downloaded from iTunes for iPhone etc, and the Android Market for phones of that persuasion.

2 thoughts on “HMV Re/Play App

  1. The trade-in value is poor due to depreciation and because it is a sports game and not because HMV give poor cash/trade offers. HMV often gives more than GAME/Gamestion.

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