Student Loan Email Scam

Students are being warned to be vigilant when opening emails supposedly sent by the Student Loans Company (SLC).

At this time of year,  the SLC starts to pay out to more than 600,000 students. But scammers are looking to exploit this fact to phish for bank account details from unsuspecting student borrowers. The Student Loans Company has shut down 50 fake websites already this year, double the number they forced to close in 2009.

Emails have been sent out purporting to be from the “Student Loans Company” or “Student Finance England” which ask the recipients to “confirm” their bank account details, so that the money can be paid in. Of course, these emails are really just harvesting account details.

Student Finance England are asking for any suspicious emails to be forwarded to them for investigation at:

Here are Student Finance England’s top 5 tips for avoiding scam emails:

  1. Be aware: Phishing scams are common at the three main instalment payment dates in September, January and April. Remember: Student Loans Company/Student Finance England will never ask you to confirm your bank details via email and remember: you won’t get paid until you register and attend university and allow 2-3 working days for your payment through the BACS system.
  2. Contact us: If you receive an email which you believe to be a phishing email from the Student Loans Company or Student Finance England, email: Note that we won’t respond to emails sent to this address.
  3. Prevention: Your email details may have been taken from a social networking site so avoid disclosing your email address or hide them on your page.
  4. Stay calm: Anyone who has already given their details should stay calm but should change their account password as soon as possible and contact our security team.
  5. Further info: Students requiring further advice on using online services safely should visit the online security page at: or

2 thoughts on “Student Loan Email Scam

  1. I was a victim of fraud, but the fraudsters changed the bank account details on my student finance account so that my loan payment would be credited to their account.

    I was told by Student Finance England that I should wait 30 days for the matter to be sorted and my loan will then be paid into MY account. It has now been 34 days and I have received no payment. I was put on hold for about 20 minutes before the phone disconnected. The phone call alone will put me out of pocket a bit as I was calling from a mobile which is all I have available. On top of this, I am a nursing student and I start placement next week but as I have no loan payment, I have absolutely no money to travel to placement.

    I am so angry and upset beyond words that Student Finance England are unable to rectify such matters with more urgency.

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