MoneyExpert: Mint Launches Debit Gift Card

Mint has launched a new hybrid debit/gift card, allowing people to put money into an account card, personalise it with a message and have it delivered to someone.

The idea updates older gift voucher schemes, in that it can be used in any shop the receiver wishes to spend it, rather than being tied to a certain company.

Some retailers such as HMV already offer gift cards which work in a similar way but the Mint card is the first to be completely untied from any one retailer.

It is free to use and can be personalised with a message decided by the giver. Initial purchase of the card costs £3 and it can be loaded with anything from £10 to £250.

If lost or stolen a new card will be delivered for £3 and any money that remained on the card will be replaced.

The money must be spent within 12 months, it cannot be used to withdraw cash and Mint will charge a 2.75 per cent fee on all overseas purchases.

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