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Incahoot is a new website which promises to use the collective buying power of its members to negotiate market beating exclusive discounts on everyday services.

Together we have the same scale and negotiating power as a big business – which means we can get other big businesses (like insurance firms, mobile phone operators and utility companies) to cut us a better deal. This is exactly what we do, by using the collective buying power of our members we are able to negotiate exclusive discounts and share them with our members.

We talked quite a bit about the group-buying monolith Groupon over the last few months, and this is a similar idea, although it’s not looking to provide a different deal a day. Incahoot’s target is utilities and services, which it estimates can same someone spending £2,000 per year on these services up to £600. You can check how much you’re likely to save with their saving calculator.

Here’s some examples of the types of deal they’re currently offering:

  • Home broadband for £4.99 a month from PlusNet
  • Up to £105 cashback on an iPhone 4 on the 3 network.
  • Cheapest standard energy tariff in the UK with First Utilty

Whilst the idea of collective buying isn’t new, these services live and die by the amount of users they get on board, with which they can negotiate the best deals. Incahoot has only launched this weekend, but has been trialling the service with 5,000 members of the Royal College of Nursing; definitely a good idea to get users registered and using the service before trying to push for new members.

Incahoot is free to join. You can find out more on their website, follow them on Facebook and Twitter and they also have  a Youtube channel.

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