Researchers Hack iPhone/iPad Passwords

Researchers have revealed a way of hacking into iPhones and iPads to reveal sensitive data, even for phones using a user passcode.

The hack can reveal data such as access codes to private networks (such as your work email account) and some app passwords – potentially any mobile banking passwords, if they’re stored in the particular area on the phone where the hackers can access.

Thankfully, this is not possible without access to the phone itself, so this is only really relevant to lost and stolen phones, but once in the hands of a criminal, it wouldn’t take them long to hack your codes. Here’s a video of the hack in action:

As Switched points out, this is a good reason to setup  an Apple Find My iPhone account, from where you can either send the finder of your phone a nice message asking them not to do anything naughty with your phone, or more likely to use the Remote Wipe function to delete all of the data on it. It would also be a good idea to change your passwords quickly, just in case.

Let’s hope Apple fixes this problem in future versions of the iPhone and/or its software.

Slightly more worrying than somebody buying Starbucks thanks to your unattended iPhone.

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