Got An Idea For An iPhone App? Get It Developed & Get Paid


Think you’ve got a great idea for an iPhone app, but don’t have the technical ability to develop it yourself? FundedApps might be just what you need to get your app developed and earn some money from it.

The site will take a look at your app ideas (for a £1.19 fee), and if they decide that it’s a viable proposition to take to market, you’ll receive £250 for the idea when they accept it, plus a cut of 25% of the net revenue generated by the app, paid quarterly.

To submit your idea, you’ll need to download FundedApps’ simple (and free) app from iTunes, and decide whether it really is an idea worth developing before paying your £1.19 (used to dissuade people from submitting hundreds of useless ideas in the hope one makes it)  and submitting it.

Unfortunately, there’s no examples of apps that have been developed on the site at the time of writing, so it might be worth holding off giving them your big idea (as ultimately they’ll own the copyright to it), until they have a proven track record of producing apps that sell.

It might not make you a millionaire (unless it turns out as popular as something like Angry Birds), but if you’ve had a unique idea and would like to see it working, it could be a good option.

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