Government Debt Scheme Telephone Scam

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There’s another telephone scam to watch out for which tries to suggest that the government has introduced a new scheme to write-off debts.

Miss Thrifty has the details of the scam which appears to be targeting mobile phones, and uses a recorded message to announce that the government’s scheme will wipe out 100% of your debts within 12 months.

There’s no details on what will happen if you press 2 as suggested in the recorded message, but the likelihood is you’ll start to receive premium rate text messages and as a result you’ll see your mobile phone bill rocket.

There’s an increasing number of other people reporting calls from the number on the WhoCallsMe website – this is a useful site to checkout any telephone numbers you’re unsure about.

5 thoughts on “Government Debt Scheme Telephone Scam

  1. Hi Rob – thanks for mentioning this on Money Watch.

    I’ve no idea if pressing ‘2’ will end up with premium rate text message bombardments, but heck, I’m not about to find out! I didn’t get any calls from this number today, so I’m crossing my fingers and hoping that whoever it is has given up on me…

  2. I just got a call with this message on my landline. I pressed 2 and asked them to take my number off the database…I hope it hasnt added a huge bill to my phone! I hung up within 10 seconds.

  3. We get calls from this number about 5 times a day on our work lines, we normally just hang up on them but is there a way to stop them ?

  4. I receive calls on my work line about 4 times a week. They have been coming through for the past couple of months and I hang up immediately. They seem to be coming through as fast and furious as ever. Is there anything we can do to stop them?

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