Organise Your Finances In 2010

Si over at ShrewdCookie has got to work early and put together a free, handy printable A4 year planner for 2010.

To use it to help with your finances, print if off and write on your key financial dates which occur either regularly or as one-offs throughout the year. For example:

  • The day your credit card needs paying by each month.
  • Monthly mortgage / rent date.
  • Monthly / annual council tax date etc.
  • Insurance renewal dates, such as car or home insurance, so you can prepare by getting comparative quotations a few weeks before renewing your policy.
  • Instead of just noting down when money goes out of your account, you could also put your salary/pay date to remind yourself why you go to work each day.

Then stick it somewhere you’ll see it regularly, such as on your fridge, so you’ll always know when the next bill is leaving your account, or when you have to make that key payment.

Download the planner here.

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